EncounterAmerica is changing lives daily through prayer…online!

Unlike other prayer request systems, we provide continual, anonymous prayer with a trained Prayer Partner in long sessions. Our Prayer System is implemented using biblical principles and powerful scriptural prayer.

You’ll receive continuous prayer

Unlike other services, you will have the same Prayer Partner for the duration of your session.  That means you will have the the opportunity to pray beyond the circumstance and into the heart of your situation.  While anonymous, you will develop a dialog with your Prayer Partner unlike any other relationship you have.  Your Prayer Partner have a greater understand of your life than you could ever express on a prayer help line.

We are intercessors

That’s a fancy word for saying back to God what he said to us first.  Our Prayer Partners actually pray scriptures and claim Biblical promises over your life.  That means not only will you walk away with powerful prayer, but you’ll have scriptures to anchor to and claim over your life.





Anonymous, Private, and Safe

Our system hinges on your privacy.  We make privacy a priority so you are comfortable to share your heart with your Prayer Partner.  The more you relax and embrace the process, the more benefit you will receive.

You will learn to be an intercessor, too

Want to learn how to pray?  You will.  Just by hanging out with our Prayer Partners online, their prayer skills will rub off on you and you’ll be praying right there with them.