The Prayer Partner


In case you haven’t noticed, we think our Prayer Partners are awesome! We know you can pray for yourself. God has blessed us with the opportunity to enter His throne room of grace to seek his face any time we want because of what Jesus did on the cross for us. But have you ever encountered a moment of despair, where you feel so disconnected from God or a hope filled time of wanting to experience the heart of God in a deeper way? And you just weren’t sure even where to begin praying over your situation of trouble or desire of moving into great things in God.

Trained. And Equipped.

Let me tell you about our Prayer Partners. They pray all the time. No, really. They do. They are trained to pray and intercede to the Father on your behalf. Their faith is strong and unwaivered by your past, they are for you and want the best for you. Most of our Prayer Partners spend a certain amount of time praying and doing God’s work. First, they spend many, many hours in 24/7 in prayer and worship, personal devotion, and participating in corporate intercession sets. The focus is growing in intimacy with God, developing urgency for the hour in which we live, and cultivating a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. Second, they spend many, many hours a week doing helps ministry in Jesus name, helping widows, orphans and the poor. (If you think that’s not so important, check out James 1.27.)  


Really. They sing and pray all day long and all night long 24/7 prayer sets. God told us He inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22.3), which means, God dwells in their (and our) praise and worship. His presence is right there, accessible. He said to call on him when He is near (Isaiah 55.6). And that’s right where your Prayer Partner is when they are praying for you. In their prayer room, where He is near.

We wanted to introduce you to some of our Prayer Partners here, but they are so incredibly humble that they would not want their name and photograph posted. They want God to get the glory, not the individual. See? They’re awesome.


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