Still have questions?

Who will be praying for me?

We have partnered with some incredible organizations that are centered on prayer.  The individuals praying in our prayer system have devoted their life to God and spend hours in prayer each day, many of those hours for EncounterAmerica participants.  You will never meet your Prayer Partner, but be assured, they are diligent, trained prayer warriors.

How will I communicate with my Prayer Partner?

We will create a secure website with unique login information where you and your Prayer Partner can communicate.  Your website will have a quick welcome video from our Founder & CEO, Ellen Ledbetter, and an area to input your concerns (prayer request).  Your Prayer Partner will see your request and respond with a prayer that references scriptures relevant to your situation.  Post, read, repeat.  It’s that easy!

Who can benefit from EncounterAmerica?

We provide prayer sessions for individuals, Executive Teams, as part of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), or as a service extension for your organization (e.g. a hospital with no chaplain).

How could you serve my organization?

When individuals in your organization have access to our online system, no customization is needed.  If however, we will service individuals without access to the internet, we will work within your infrastructure to create a customized system to relay prayer communications.

What does it cost?

Just like any other organization, there are costs to doing business.  After much care and consideration, EncounterAmerica believes there is incredible value in the service we provide to our participants, and expect that our participants will be blown away with an encounter with God in the duration of their prayer session.  If you have found value in partnering with a devoted Prayer Partner, we encourage you to financially support our cause.  We will not pressure you into renewing or gifting, but will provide you with the opportunity.  Please see Contributions for more information.

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