Ellen Ledbetter, Founder & CEO

EncounterAmerica is the second business Ellen has founded, having also co-founded the Lead Demand Marketing Firm RareAgent and established the evangelistic ministry Life Share. Ellen has 32 years of leadership experience in corporate America and non-profit organizations. She has spoken at conferences and many professional and ministry networks events locally, nationally, and internationally about managing the workplace, personal development, and intercessory prayer. Ellen has been involved with and successfully networked the CEO Council and Technology Executive Roundtable. In High Tech Ministries, Ellen previously held a prayer leadership position that is a resource for other Citywide Prayer Breakfasts.

As a mentor and coach, marketing and sales specialist, a business development expert she has inspired and equipped leaders to apply timeless principles of success to life and business. Previous experience at the Executive Level gave Ellen the opportunity to acquire Fortune 500 accounts and provide solutions services, strategic networking, mentoring, on demand marketing, lead generation and executive level management in technology, outplacement, and health care. Her foundation and direction come from a passion and love of God, his word and prayer. Ellen’s family, husband, two sons, and daughter-in-law, are also foundational and hold a great love in her heart.

During a time of prayer and fasting for another ministry in 2008, Ellen was given a vision and concept of connecting those that are willing to lead with prayer intercessors. The prayer was to be given locally, nationally and globally online and anonymously to those in all segments of society. Ellen took the concept and prayer model to application in an online prayer system. She gives visionary leadership to EncounterAmerica while creating new paths and models with developers for the Prayer System application. Ellen continues to connect those that are willing to lead and organizations willing to lead with intercessors and houses of prayer around the world.