Cheers from the Crowd

Matthew Stevens, President, High Tech Ministries

What Encounter America is doing is as profoundly revolutionary as it is simple – praying for and with leaders. Through a partnership in intercessory prayer today’s leaders can be certain they are not drifting alone, but are empowered and guided by God’s Spirit! Encounter America is an important part of High Tech Ministry’s; prayer strategy; we’ve seen this prayer move our community, and be a blessing to our leadership.


Joellen Langmack, CEO, Perfect Search, Inc.

[I saw] many answered prayers.  One was that our company was not finding any business, no matter how hard we worked.  God supernaturally opened the doors so that we could find some new business once my prayer partner started praying for me. I also saw answered prayer for family situations that I have been praying for for a long time. Some of these answered prayers were true miracles.

The scriptures that were included with the prayers were truly encouraging and it was great to look up the scripture and see how relevant God’s Word is to our life.  It made me realize how truly alive and active the Bible is.

I had a very good experience with my prayer partner.  I liked that they would pray the scripture over a particular prayer request.  Also, you could tell that the prayer persoon took their time in seeking God’s face for what to pray over a situation.  I felt like the prayer person was very biblically grounded in God’s word.


Gina Kubie, VP Operations, Worklife

Wow.  When I logged in last night my prayer person had just posted a response and scripture even before I posted my prayer request.  This demonstrates how connected my prayer person is to God.  Wow.  Huge impact on my heart.  These results are beyond awesome.